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3/28/2008 - Winners Federation, a coalition of industry members committed to combating addictions on the racetrack, has completed the first-ever directory of services at tracks across North America, President G. Wesley Jones announced on March 3. The directory is available in a handy tri-fold brochure that will be available soon on the Winners Federation’s website,

“We at Winners Federation believed it was important for many reasons to prepare and distribute this guide to backstretch services,” said Jones, the counselor of Delaware Park’s Backstretch Employee Assistance Program. “First and foremost, it provides for a continuum of care for backstretch workers in recovery. If an employee moves to another track with his horses, it is vitally important that the process of counseling and recovery continue at the new location. Another very important reason for the services database and directory is that it lets counselors and chaplains know who their colleagues are in other states and regions.”

Jones expressed thanks to several individuals and organizations that made the services directory possible. “First, I want to thank the AWARE Community Grants Program of TVG for its financial assistance with this project,” he said. “TVG has been a supporter of Winners Federation and its work from the very beginning, and this directory would not have been possible without TVG’s help. Nor would this project have been possible without the cooperation of the Race Track Chaplaincy of America, whose chaplains are a majority of the care contacts listed in the brochure.

“My predecessor as president, Peggy Goetsch of the Racing Industry Charitable Foundation in Illinois, helped to see this project to completion, and The Jockey Club has provided support and assistance throughout the project. In addition, I’d like to thank Ryan Oakman and Sean Nix of the University of Louisville for their help in compiling the data.”

Jones will distribute the brochure at the annual meeting of the Race Track Chaplaincy of America in Seattle in early March, and he will make a presentation on substance abuse at the meeting. The brochure, which will be updated periodically, will be available on the Winners Federation website as a downloadable file. A more detailed database of providers and the types of assistance they offer also will be available on the website.

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